The Membership Registration Form




The address that you supply must be the delivery address for any order.


Your postcode is important so we can identify which restaurants will deliver to you.


Your email is important so we can confirm your account and can contact you with special offers and let you know when a new restaurant is available to deliver to your home.


Your home phone or mobile is important to make sure that the delivery service can find you quickly and easily.


Your age is important if you want to order any adult designated items such as alcohol or cigarettes. You have to legally declare your age for any order to be accepted. You can add your age and other details in your profile after you have confirmed your membership.


How To Order

  1. Enter your postcode for the main search
  2. You will be shown a list of takeaway restaurants that will deliver to your listed postcode address.
  3. Online ordering may not be available in your area at the current time, but we will inform you by email when the service is available.
  4. You can order from restaurants that show a 'menu' button
  5. Simply click the menu button to display the full online menu.
  6. Click on the '+' next to each item in the menu to add to your order. This will be displayed on the right.
  7. When finished, select 'Order Now'.
  8. Enter your credit card details and confirm the order.
  9. Leave the browser screen open to see that your order has been accepted by the restaurant.
  10. Wait 25-55 minutes for delivery.

Why Register Now?

Take advantage of our discount coupons. We just give £1, £2 off vouchers. NO confusing points schemes.


We also arrange for our partner restaurants to provide exclusive special offers.


Even if there are no restaurants currently listed that deliver to your address, we will send you an email and an applicable discount coupon as soon as we have restaurants online in your area.


Simply register now so you don't miss our opening offers.


Thank you for becoming a member.